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bookclubrejects's Journal

Rock 'n' Roll Book Club!
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bookclubrejects is a community for rock 'n' rollers, punks,
metal kids, etc., who are also big readers.

we talk about books here: books we're reading, books we want opinions on,
books we hate, books to buy, books we're selling/trading, book reviews, whateve.

if you aren't a rocker and you don't want to talk about books,
this obviously isn't the community for you.

we are not a rating community but we do vote our members in,
so we can keep our community like-minded and on topic.

we judge on three things:
1.) your taste in books
2.) your taste in music
3.) how cool and smart you seem

this means if a member thinks your favorite bands are shitty,
the books you like are trash, and you seem like a 14-year-old poser
who can't spell, they can give you a "no" vote. majority rules.

conversely, if you're smart, funny, and awesome,
you'll probably get in.

1. stay active! once you join, post as much as you can.
every month or so nonactive members will be weeded out and deleted.
if you're deleted you'll have to re-apply.

2. stay on topic. this topic is so broad that this rule
should be easy to follow. talk about the book you're reading,
a book you hate, authors you love, authors you hate,
books you have to read for school, books being adapted into movies,
books you want to trade or sell, books you're writing, whatever.

3. debate! you're encouraged to voice your opinion.
show off your smarts!

4. don't be a complete asshole. it's okay to be harsh if
harshness is called for (such as in voting for new members), and
it's okay to be strong about your opinion on something. but being
a cunt for no reason will get your ass banned.

after we have a few members we'll vote on a book for everyone to read.
you can post questions and thoughts about the book once you've gotten into it.
if you're going to be including spoilers,
please put your entry behind an lj-cut tagged "spoilers."

copy and paste this application and post it under an lj-cut.
(don't join the community if you're not going to apply. lurkers will be deleted.)

about you
top five favorite bands:

about your reading habits
top five favorite authors:
top ten favorite books:
your guilty pleasure reading:
most overrated book(s), in your opinion:
your favorite books/authors as a kid:

promote the community to three people and link us here:

post some pictures of you. no less than 2, no more than 8: